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We sell Regular-Season Punch Passes, Summer Discount Punch Passes, T-Shirts, Socks and Gift Certificates

Summer Discount Punch Passes:

Summer passes are a great way to send the kids skating during our summer season: June through August–use up all your remaining punches in September.

Each pass has 12 punches. Use the card for one or more admissions per session, till all punches are used. Then buy another!

You can also choose to simply buy a gift certificate or custom pass for your favorite skater, to use any time of the year!

$50 “Day” passes good on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 1-4
and on Wed nights 7-9:30 pm (Regular admission, $5.50)

$65 “Eve” passes good any session,
but are meant for the best savings on Fri/Sat nights 7-10:30 pm
(Regular admission, $7.50)

Use punches however you want till the pass is used up.  Buy more passes as you desire. 

This allows use during our summer sessions and one month of bonus time to use up all remaining punches.

1. At the skating rink,
2. by calling us for personal assistance,m
3. by using the contact for below to have us follow up with you,
4. by purchasing them now using the Add to Cart button. (We will mail your passes.)

Regular Season Punch Passes

(Use September through May)

These 10-punch passes make great gifts an are super convenient!

Use the punches one at a time, or for multiple admissions at your convenience.

“Day” passes can be used Saturday and Sunday afternoons and weekday 1-4 pm sessions as they are scheduled. Cost of a punch pass is $55.

“Night” passes make it super easy to send the kids skating on Friday or Saturday night. Cost of a punch pass is $75.


Skateland shirts are available as in stock. We attempt to keep a variety of sizes on hand and are happy to help you purchase yours! Please use the form below to let us know which size/color you prefer and we will confirm availability. All shirts are the same price: $15 each.


White crew socks with roller skates–perfectly fun! $3.50 each.

Choose Pass or Certificate

Optional: Use this form below to send us a message and have us follow up with you to assist you in your purchase.

How many DAY-time-use 12-punch passes would you like?
How many NIGHT-time-use 12-punch passes would you like?
How many Regular-Season DAY-time-use 10-punch passes would you like?
How many Regular-Season NIGHT-time-use 10-punch passes would you like?
How many gift certificates would you like? Please tell us the denomination or other preference you have for your gift. (EX: 3 admissions to a day session, 10 roller-blade rentals…)
How many pair of socks would you like? Please tell us the size. We will check our stock and reply to you. 🙂